Strategy consulting

We believe there are three key elements to strategic initiatives:  a powerful vision and strategy, leadership that engages all stakeholders, and the ability to communicate consistently, clearly, and persuasively.  We work with you at every stage to:

  • Develop a leadership team – identify, train, support
  • Articulate the case for change – values, vision, strategy
  • Design a rollout – tactical plan, high functioning teams, success metrics
  • Provide strong project management – engage all stakeholders, support teams, measure results and recalibrate
  • Identify emerging opportunities – quantify and communicate learning, set new goals.

Meeting facilitation

The best meetings are well-orchestrated, seeded in advance, and entail a tight follow-up.  We:

  • Work with the founder/visionary to decide who should be at the meeting(s).
  • Interview key players beforehand.
  • Work with the convener and key players to design a meeting that fits the original mandate and takes into account new data from the interviews.
  • Bring an “organizational scan” to the meeting – noting key issues, opportunities, and priorities.
  • Work off of flip charts, using the “one text” approach to help participants focus on the text vs. each other.
  • Wrap the meeting with a game plan, roles/responsibilities, and timeline.
  • Write up the strategic and tactical decisions in a lean, clear format for follow-up.


We work with founders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and senior managers to build their teams to get things done.  We work one-on-one with senior managers to engage inside and outside stakeholders. We work with you to leverage existing talent, bring additional skills to the table, and manage the politics of change.


Blue Sage Partners custom designs and delivers trainings on leadership, change, communication, and team-building. A specialty in our practice is to design training around accomplishing a concrete business task, such as developing a strategic plan.

Our trainings are based on existing models and texts (Difficult Conversations , or  Adaptive Leadership© and Leadership on the Line, for example) but are highly interactive, with pre-work and follow-up debriefing. -Trainings run from three hours to three days and have been delivered in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, in English and Spanish.