Who we are

Blue Sage Partners is a strategy consulting company specializing in team-building.

At Blue Sage, we get your best and brightest people together to come to agreement and take action. We work at the big picture level to delineate key strategic priorities and, on the ground, to develop a tactical plan. We give language and organization to brilliant ideas and competing interests. And we coach senior managers to work with their teams – and to work with each other.

We work with complex teams to:

1) Manage great ideas and individuals;

2)  Bring a fresh strategic perspective;

3)  Use powerful language to organize and inspire.

To manage great ideas and individuals we expose competing interests, name difficulties that are plaguing the group, and engage the naysayers. We encourage people to think big and be practical. We keep people on track.

We bring a fresh, strategic perspective and hone in on distinctive competencies, opportunities, and threats, to clarify your value proposition. Most importantly, we help you make smart decisions about what to do — and what not to do.

We use powerful language to drive agreement and commitment. We help frame strategic priorities with language that is simple but compelling. This helps drive consensus, delineate a tactical to-do list, and inspire your team to action.