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Ellen Meyer Shorb

Ellen is the Principal of Blue Sage Partners. She has spent her professional career straddling the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, focusing on strategy and communications. For fifteen years she has been a consultant and trainer in leadership, teams, and strategy. She founded her own company; helped start a consulting company with Heifetz and Linsky, developers of the Adaptive Leadership model at Harvard; and taught leadership at Northeastern University.

Previously she worked in several senior management positions in nonprofits ranging from start-ups to established, nationwide organizations. At The Philanthropic Initiative (part of The Boston Foundation) she worked with a state-wide community foundation to strategize how to increase philanthropic giving across the state. At The Enterprise Foundation she oversaw a loan and grant fund of $30 million distributed to offices in ten cities.


Ellen is in the process of conducting interviews for and writing a book on how to teach teams to talk. A good facilitator can help a team communicate, leverage differences, and resolve issues; a great facilitator leaves these tools behind.

In her blog, TeamBuild, she describes some of the tools she uses to facilitate teams. This book will describe the framework she uses, illustrated with her experience, and complemented by lessons learned from leaders with exemplary teams. Ultimately, it will serve as a handbook for her teams and yours.

Ellen holds a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University, a MBA from Stanford University, and a BA from Dartmouth College. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, traveled around the world for a year, and is fluent in Spanish and conversational in French.

In addition to work, she serves on the board of Safe Passage, a school for children in the dump community of Guatemala City; wrote a book with women serving a life sentence in prison, Creating a Life:  Beyond Bars and Beyond; co-authored the blog ReWiring Success.com; and has four kids, a husband, and a dog.

Blue Sage Partners

“Blue” is for optimism, “sage” is for wisdom, and “partners” is because we work in partnership with other consultants on a project basis and, always, in partnership with our clients.